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A Class Metals has once again raised the bar in the realm of metalwork with their mirror-finished stainless steel security gate. This remarkable creation showcases the incredible properties of stainless steel and the meticulous effort required to achieve the coveted mirror finish.

A mirror finish stainless steel gate made and installed by A Class Metals at an apartment complex in Cronulla.

Popular Choice

Stainless steel, known for its remarkable properties, has become a popular choice for architectural projects, especially when it comes to security gates.

It boasts a high resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor installations.

Looking wide at this stainless steel mirror finished security gate, the reflections of the plants as well as the sandstone walls provide a beautiful combination of colour.

Strength and Durability

Creating a mirror finish on stainless steel is a meticulous process that requires a skilled hand and careful attention to detail. 

A Class Metals’ craftsmen employ a multi-step polishing process that involves gradually refining the surface to eliminate imperfections and create a flawless mirror-like shine. This labor-intensive process requires expertise, patience, and a keen eye for detail.

A mirror finished stainless steel security gate leaning on a jig bench at A Class Metals fabrication workshop in Sydney's Taren Point.

Meticulous Process

With its unmatched durability, exceptional security features, and breathtaking aesthetics, this mirror finished stainless steel gate is a testament to A Class Metals’ unwavering commitment to delivering superior metalwork solutions.

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  • Full 3D CAD Programming
  • NC Brake Press 4100mm Long with 220 Tonne Folding Capability
  • Sheet/Plate Roller
  • Guillotine 3100mm
  • The Best German Jig Benches with Tooling
  • The Best AC/DC Welding Machines
  • Laser and Plasma Cutters
  • Polishing Equipment
  • Bevelling and Auto Punch Machines
  • Iron Worker multi-machines
  • Fastening Insertion Press
  • 5 Tonne Forklift
  • Certified Spreader Bars and Jibs
  • The Latest in Power and Battery Tools
  • All Equipment is Properly Serviced and Maintained
  • and Most Importantly, WE KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!!

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Pick-up or Delivery

A-Class Metals team of experts can assist with stainless steel fabrication during the design phase.


A Class Metals offer full 3D CAD programming service by expert engineers with whom you can speak directly and nut out all your stainless steel fabrication requirements
A-Class Metals takes no guesses taking site measurements to ensure every fabrication fits perfectly with the real-world scenario.


We make sure our fabrications are a perfect fit with your requirements, and we anticipate any issues early and rectify to ensure on time, on budget delivery
A-Class Metals stainless steel installation showing fabrication tradesperson welding on site.


Our team of expert tradesmen is available to ensure installation goes as planned and that the stainless steel finish is of the highest quality every time.
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A-Class Metals – 5-star Google Ads Review – Great service and friendly people, perfect job and thoroughly recommended.
A-Class Metals – 5-star Google Ads Review – Fantastic service and quality, good knowledge and highly recommended.
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